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Stage 4 – February  23rd, 2017

Yes, You Can! – A Powerful Weapon.

By adopting a “yes I can” attitude, you can empower others, a “yes you can” attitude.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”
― Henry Ford

Do you wake up every day and have a life that inspires you, that excites you?

The daily routine maybe such a grind for many of us. Wake up, get dressed, get your kids ready for school, get to work, do your job, come home, prepare dinner, and do the whole thing again. If you are not feeling energized during your daily routine it may not always mean that you need to drink more green juice, have a healthy diet and exercise more. It may be because of something internal, something that is not making you happy. Your emotion is your spirit, and being unhappy means that you are unhealthy.

What is it about your schedule that either gives you energy or drains it?

Something in your daily routine may need changing. It might be your job, career, or school. If that is the case then you may need to consider finding an alternative within a year or two.

Happiness is key. You need to start doing the things you love to do. If you do not yet know what that maybe, then you may need to spend more time with yourself to discover who you really are. You might feel as if you are stuck in a hopeless situation, and there is no way out, no time, but yes, there is time, there is a way out and only you can find it and follow it.

“There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance of your life can change”
― Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

Yes, you can! You can do anything you put your mind to. You have probably heard this saying many many times by now, but have you acted upon it?

If you just take a second to think and imagine what you want to be, where you want to be, and what kind of emotions you want to feel, then you can make it a reality. Take a second, imagine yourself extremely happy, surrounded by the people and things you love. Write down what you see, and figure out how to end up in that situation. You can do it.

I understand that you have a lot of responsibilities, a lot of work to get done by tomorrow, a lot of people to answer to, and a lot of people you have to support and make happy; but sometimes stressing too much about these things can make you develop a bitter personality. Stress can make you feel depressed and develop negative thoughts about the future.

To avoid this you need to learn how to balance your family with your profession and your passion. It is not considered selfish to follow your dreams.

Life is short, take advantage of the years you have left and learn to take care of your emotions. You have to be drenched in pure happiness in order to efficiently take care of the people you love. If you decide to do what you love, you will start to gain energy, improve your health, develop a cheerful personality and everyone around you will start to feel joyful. Do your part in making the world a better place by empowering others with this “yes you can” mentality.

About Stage 4 – Yes You Can (Coming Soon)

Summer of 2016, CVO Motion was able to empower a number of students in India with this “yes you can” attitude. We had the entire day with little kids and we used it to teach them powerful life lessons. We gifted pocket notebooks to the kids and asked them to write down everything that makes them happy. They were also asked to write down all their dream jobs and careers. Along with other gifts and lessons, we played games, performed, shared motivating stories and had team building exercises. We had sessions with all the teachers and administrators about how they have the power to instill this “yes you can” attitude in their students.
CVO Motion also held an interactive career guidance session at Manubhai Patel Dental College (MPDC) on “How to plan to go abroad after dental school”. We shared our journey and gave guidance on how to excel and achieve your dreams of becoming a successful professional.

About CVO Motion

A little over a year ago, we released our first video, ‘Stage 1 – Dream in Motion’ which consisted of a message that there is a wall in our heads which prevents us from doing the things we love to do. This wall is built by the constraints the society puts on us and reinforced by the constraints that we put on ourselves.

When we are in our childhood years, the world seems full of limitless potential. As we grow older, our views get narrower. It becomes relatively easy to find ourselves in situations, places, meetings, even careers that we do not absolutely love. The wall blocks your imaginations of what could be and limits you to the things and situations you are most comfortable with.

We were able to break down this wall when we started to accumulate inspiration from all the excellent, hard working human beings in this world. We accumulated inspiration from family, friends, teachers, musicians, artists, actors, motivational speakers and many others who have excelled in their lives to make this world a better place.

Constantly being in touch with our inspirations, empowered us to think like them. They never stopped, they never gave up, they always kept their dreams in motion.

We decided to do the same. As international dentists, it is extremely competitive to get admission into a dental school. It takes a positive attitude, commitment to work diligently and perseverance to be successful at achieving admissions in the United States.

Although there were many ups and downs during the 2 years of the application process, my brother and I continued to accumulate inspiration which helped us work tirelessly to achieve our goals.

It was when we received our letters of acceptance from the University of the Pacific, which motivated us to start California’s Very Own Motion.

We felt it was necessary to share this message with the world. We wanted to let everyone know that it is not inspiration alone, but the accumulation of inspiration over time, which will lead you to take action towards your dreams.

We hope that CVO Motion motivates others to find their path in life and turn it into a runway to success.

Shortly after being accepted, I realized that I wanted to do all the things I love to do, such as film, act, dance, tell stories, make music videos, and inspire others to follow their dreams as well as excel in their respective field of profession.

I started to produce, storyboard and shot list my first 3 videos on 3 songs that I would love to perform on (act, dance, sing along) and get my message across.

These 3 stages signify the stages of my life in a full circle:

‘Stage 1 Dream in Motion’ is about breaking down the wall with my own hands. Crossing over to the other side and finding a road, and turning that road into my very own runway to success. Dream In Motion

‘Stage 2 Music is the Drug’ is about how I stay in touch with the things I love to do (such as listen to music and play basketball) and how it helps me maintain a positive mentality through the positive as well as the negative outcomes. It shows that even though I get denied from admissions it does not stop me from being happy instead, it energizes me to work even harder, improve myself, and apply again. Music is the drug

‘Stage 3 Know Myself’ is a continuation of Stage 2 which shows that the hard work and consistency pays off and I finally get accepted. Achieving this goal leads to celebration and the launch of CVO Motion. This is when we take a serious step towards filming Stage 1, by building the wall, breaking it down, finding a road and turning it into our very own runway to success. Know Myself

After the release of these 3 videos, I had the wonderful opportunity to film and edit for many events such as:

The Art of Dentistry: Microscopic Photography – at The University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni, School of Dentistry. Watch

California Dental Association- CDA Presents: The Art and Science of Dentistry. 3 videos which show my experience as a speaker host.

Experience 1 – What’s in your mouth? Watch

Experience 2 – Dentists are people too Watch

Experience 3 – Is there time to celebrate? Watch

‘Follow Me’ to the ASDA District 11 Meeting in Anaheim 2016. Watch

California Dental Association: CDA Cares Stockton 2016. [March 2017]

‘Stage 4 – Yes You Can’

I recently received the Dixon Scholarship Award at Pacific for these videos and holding multiple leadership positions as a class officer as well as a national position for American Dental Education Association.

I found myself through music. I found the music which resonated with me the most and used it to inspire myself to become a hard worker. This, in turn, led me to become a better son, brother, applicant, dental student, and dentist. Staying in touch with my inspirations on a daily basis has made me a better, more confident individual overall. Now, I am able to balance my family and career with my passion, and I plan to continuously do so.

I hope that CVO Motion inspires you to excel in your profession as well as dream in motion.

Dr. Abhiraj K. Bhatt

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Thank You!

Dr. Abhiraj K. Bhatt

California’s Very Own Motion: Inspiring Excellence, Through Music.