CDA Cares – It’s the best thing we do!

It’s the best thing we do – CDA CARES, Stockton 2016.

—-> Filmed on iPhone 6s Plus by Dr. Abhiraj K. Bhatt

Ready for Patient – CDA CARES, Stockton 2016.

—-> Filmed on iPhone 6s Plus by Dr. Abhiraj K. Bhatt

The California Dental Association Foundation’s volunteer dental event, CDA Cares, provided nearly $1.8 million in charitable dental services to 2,066 people on Oct. 15-16 in Stockton.

Since 2012, CDA Cares has provided $16.4 million in care to more than 20,000 people thanks to the generosity of nearly 17,000 volunteers.

CDA Cares educates the public and policymakers about the importance of good oral health and the need for an adequately funded dental safety net, which includes a well-functioning Denti-Cal program.

“Despite recent efforts to improve the Denti-Cal program, it remains chronically underfunded and people have trouble accessing care. The number of people we see at these events speaks to that need.”
CDA Past President Ken Wallis, DDS.

During the two-day event, dentists and dental professionals provided 14,178 dental procedures

Volunteer technicians in the clinic’s dental lab area worked to provide 250 complete and partial dentures and repairs.

“To work with so many volunteers with the same goal of getting patients out of pain and in better health is incredibly rewarding.” Jean Creasey, DDS, chair of the CDA Foundation.

More than 2,500 volunteers donated their time and services at the event, including 850 health professionals – dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, nurses, physicians and lab technicians – as well as community volunteers who assisted with registration, translation, data entry and escorting patients.

Please visit CDA Foundation for more information.

Filmed on iPhone by Dr. Abhiraj K. Bhatt, Pacific Dugoni. Watch all videos here –> CVO Motion Please subscribe to this channel for support. Volunteer for CDA Cares San Mateo on April 22-23rd, 2017. Anyone can volunteer, you do not have to be in the dental field.

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